June 28, 2021

BCLCA Along With A Group Of Government Agencies And Non-Profit Organizations From Across BC’s Camping Sector Collaborated On A New Camper’s Code.

“The goal of the Camper’s Code” said Jamie Cox, President of the BC Lodging and Campgrounds Association, “is to build more awareness about desired camper behaviours, educate new campers on acceptable behaviours, and to promote the sustainability of British Columbia as a destination for future generations to enjoy.”

Whether people are new to camping or a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, we all have a role to play when sharing spaces at BC’s parks and campgrounds. The Camper’s Code has therefore been developed aimed at highlighting expectations of camping, whether staying in an RV at a private campground or in the backcountry. The Code consists of nine simple messages to inspire a sense of shared responsibility and an understanding of appropriate behaviour. Make sure you participate at


The Camper’s Code has 9 rules that are really easy to follow.  When all campers follow them, these good things happen:

– Camping continues to be joyful for all
– Nature remains pristine and beautiful
– People camping in the same area become friends
– Animals stay wild and free